This is a coverall made of shiny Opalo fabric with additional stripes or reflectors.


  • Looks hot!
    • The reflectors will give you extra safety.
    • The stripes give an extra stylish look.
  • Cleans easily!
    • Literally you can just throw it in a muddy pool and rinse it with dirty water.
  • Strong 
    • No twigs or rocks will penetrate this material.
    • All seams are welded and will not rip.
  • 100% Waterproof
    • There is a double storm flap over the zipper to keep the water from splashes away.
    • Elastic cuffs in arms and feet.


The storm flap that is located on top of the front zipper can be fastened either with buttons or with Velcro.


Have a look at these photos here behind this link for more information about the Extreme Coveralls.


The last person on the photos wearing fl-yellow thigh waders is wearing the Hivis Thigh Waders. The FL-Yellow of the wader colour matches the fl-yellow stripe colours perfectly.


Also the orange stripes look awesome with FL-Orange boots!

Extreme Coverall with boots, gloves and reflectors or stripes

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Reflectors or stripe colour