This great design has user-selectable colours with stripes and kneepads. The kneepad colour is the stripe colour, but you can also customize that too if you send me an email after ordering.


  • Looks hot!
    • The yellow stripes give an extra stylish look.
  • Cleans easily!
    • Literally you can just throw it in a muddy pool and rinse it with dirty water.
  • Strong 
    • No twigs or rocks will penetrate this material.
    • All seams are welded and will not rip.
  • 100% Waterproof
    • There is a double storm flap over the zipper to keep the water from splashes away.
    • Elastic cuffs in arms and feet.


Have a look at these photos here behind this link for more information about the Extreme Coveralls.


The photos on this page contain a stripe coverall with regular yellow stripes with fluorescent yellow boots. That is not a good match together may I mind you. On the other hand, the orange colour stripes with orange coloured safety boots is a great choice! 


The legs on this suit also look very crinkly because of the stripes enhancing the effect. On the other hand, bending down causes no issues. 


Gloves can be either blue (sizes 9 to 11) or dark green (size 10).

Extreme Stripe Coverall with boots and optional gloves

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Stripe colour
Main colour
  • To get a feeling on what size of boots you should choose, here is length of soles in centimeters:

    • size 40: 26 cm
    • size 41: 26,5 cm
    • size 42: 27 cm
    • size 43: 27,5 cm
    • size 44: 28 cm
    • size 45: 28,5 cm
    • size 46: 29 cm
    • size 47: 29,5 cm
    • size 48: 30,0 cm

    Black boots boots with red soles are available up to size 47. Safety boots are available up to size 48.