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I've got one size XS/48 coverall with 41 boots in stock. With lime & black colouring just like in the photos. Brand new. Fits a person 171 cm tall.


This awesome two colour coverall is made from the awesome heavy duty Opalo-fabric.


  • Looks cool!
  • Shiny surface which cleans easily!
  • Won't tear or break!
  • Reflectors to keep you visible.


Check out video of the Extreme Two-Colour Coverall.


There is a vertical zipper in the front of the suit and it is protected by a stormflap that closes with press buttons.


Sizing on this is one is a tiny bit bigger than the Extreme Coverall. The person on the photo is 171 cm tall and weighs 78 kg and is wearing the S/50 suit. There is room for warm gear underneath. I went motorcycling the other day and this size was actually just perfect for that. The coverall on sale is one size smaller, so it is a bit smaller. There is not a huge difference between adjacent sizes.



Warning: the black Opalo colour will stain adjacent Opalo colours if placed in contact for a long period of time. Even in this same suit, so don't just a fold and store this in your closet.

Extreme Two-Colour Coverall XS/48 with 41 boots

SKU: 4284K48_41
180,00 €Price
  • To get a feeling on what size of boots you should choose, here is length of soles in centimeters:

    • size 40: 26 cm
    • size 41: 26,5 cm
    • size 42: 27 cm
    • size 43: 27,5 cm
    • size 44: 28 cm
    • size 45: 28,5 cm
    • size 46: 29 cm
    • size 47: 29,5 cm
    • size 48: 30 cm

    Red chemical boots are available up to 46. Black boots boots with red soles are available up to size 47. Safety boots are available up to size 48.

  • The gloves used in the suits are Showa 660. The green gloves are Cerva Petrel

    To get the right size, measure the circumreference of your palm and choose glove size accordingly:

    • Glove size 9: 220 mm
    • Glove size 10: 254 mm
    • Glove size 11: 279 mm
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