About Extreme Gear

On this page I've gathered some useful information about the Extreme Coverall and about the Opalo fabric that is used in every Extreme line of gear. I've prepared you some photos and a video. Click on the photos for more information.

So many colours
From the left: Lime, Red, Fluo-Yellow, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and White
The Yellow Extreme Coverall
Here I'm wearing the Yellow Extreme Coverall.
Elastic rubber waistband in the back
In the back of the suit there is an elastic rubber waistband.
Shiny Opalo all around
The suits are made of shiny Opalo fabric. It is extremely durable and easy keep clean - just rinse with water.
Reflectors can be attached
The Extreme Coverall is also available with reflectors.
Boots can be attached
The Extreme Coverall can be ordered with boots attached too. Here I'm wearing the Lime Coloured Extreme Coverall.
Hidden zipper with storm flap
In the front of the suit there is a hidden zipper under a storm flap. No water will enter even in the worst rain.
Velcro fastening as an option
You can choose whether to get snap buttons or Velcro to close the storm flap in the front
Elastic inner cuffs
All suits come with elastic inner cuffs in the hands.

On request these can be made straight.
Cuffs in the legs
In the legs of the suits there are cuffs that attach firmly to your boots.
Strings in the hood
The hood can be fastened with a string.
The Extreme Drainage Coverall
The Extreme Drainage Coverall differs from the regular coverall in a way that there is no zippers in the front. You close it from the back between shoulders. Ask for a friend to help .
Inside the suit
The inside of the Opalo fabric is like this - slipper nylon. It is not cotton.
Can be used in the winter
All suits can be used in the winter time.
Can be cleaned in a puddle
All the products made of Opalo are so easy to clean - even rinsing them in muddy waters makes them shine again!
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