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Extreme Drainage Coverall

One of the most popular products on the store is the orange Extreme Drainage Coverall with reflectors. The suit has been incrementally perfected according to customer feedback and is now truly a premium product.

On this page I’ve included a hefty package of information on the suit.

The fabric

The fabric on the suit is Opalo which is a PVC fabric made by AJGroup in Poland. The company uses this fabric on their Pros Extreme fishing range of products. The fabric is 700g/m2 thick and consists of 100 g/m2 polyester membrane backing and 600 g/m2 PVC surface. 

The colours black and dark olive green are also available in extra thick 1000 g/m2 fabric which is normally used in chest waders.


The fabric is super shiny and very easy to keep clean. It won’t stretch and has strong resistance to tearing. It is the perfect companion even in the harshest of conditions. The fabric also retains its unique characteristics during low-temperature use.



The fabric comes in various colours: lime green, red, fluorescent yellow, black, yellow, blue, green, orange, white and dark green olive. Have a look at this page regarding the differences in the dark shades.


Please be aware that black colour should be kept away from bright colours since it will stain the bright colours if in touch for long periods.

The sizing

The Extreme Drainage Coveralls are very spacious because they are meant to be worn over regular work clothes. It is not uncommon to choose a size or two smaller. Since all these coveralls are made-to-order there are plenty of customization options. The coverall is also possible to be made according to the customer's measurements on request for a small fee. 

Have a look at the general information about sizes from the about page here.

The boots

There are many high quality rubber boot options to choose from. All the boots are welded into the coverall.

The most popular choice for boots are the safety boots that match the colour of the suit. These come in three colours: black, orange and fluorescent-yellow. The other available boots are dark olive green, all-red chemical, black with red soles and regular black.


The soles of the boots are European style meaning that they are a little bit wider and more comfortable than most Chinese boots. There is also space for woolen socks.

The orange coloured boots match the orange suit colour perfectly, as do the olive green and the red boots with their counterparts.


Then again, black boots go great with anything. You may also choose not to include boots all.

The gloves

The suit is possible to get with attached gloves. There are two options for gloves: blue gloves come in sizes 9, 10 and 11 and dark green gloves come in size 10. The gloves have a rough finish for a better grip.


You may also purchase the suit without gloves. If you choose not to have gloves, you may specify what kind of arm endings you prefer. You have three choices: with an elastic Opalo cuff (like on the first, black picture below), with elastic nylon second cuff (second, yellow picture) or with a soft elastic neoprene cuff.


The zipper

The suit opening is at the top of the suit and is closed by a suit wide zipper. The normal placement of the zipper is on the back side, but it can also be customized to be on the front side. The zipper is not fully watertight, but there is a storm flap over it to prevent rain from above ever getting in the suit.

If you want the zipper to become absolutely watertight, you will get rather good results by using gaffer tape. Do not use duct tape because it has a glue that will melt into the zipper.

Other information

The suit is basically care-free. Just use water to get any dirt out of the surface before storage. You may also use disinfectants, but do not use chlorine or bleach.


Please also observe that the person getting in the suit probably needs help closing and opening the back zipper and the person in the suit can’t use touch screen phones.

Also have a look at the highlights and properties of the other Extreme gear here.

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