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Sizing information about the Extreme coverall

The Extreme coverall is a best seller on the website. On this page there are some measurements to help you choose the right size. If in doubt, feel free to write the store owner.

The store owner has red one of these. He got the size 50 since he is 171 cm tall and weighs 72 kg's. Waist of his is 95 cm and chest 92 cm. That fits him perfectly.

A customer who is 175 cm tall, has chest of 107 cm and waist 98 cm loves the size 54.

A customer who is 172 cm tall, weighs 85 kg, has leg inseam 72 cm, waist 92 cm and chest 110 cm says that size 50 is a bit too tight and suggests size 52 or 54.

A customer who is 171 cm tall and weighs 66 kg loves the size 48.

A customer who is 180 cm tall, chest is 102 cm and waist is 97 cm ordered a suit in size 54 and loves it.

A customer who is 194 cm tall and has a slim body type, wanted a loose fitting coverall which is why he ordered the size 60. He says it is just fine.


Detailed measurements of the extreme coverall

Taking measurements came out to be a harder task than I originally thought. Finding the exact same spots where to start and end when changing the suit was hard. Thus there are some errors in the sizes resulting from the way measurements are taken. Also the factory is not run by robots which also amounts to some variation. These measurements should anyways give you an idea of what the suit is like.

I would use the European size number as your initial guide. If you are size 48, go for size 48.

Notice that there are these special kind of cuffs/wind locks in both feet and arms which allow many centimeters of flexibility to the lengths. The measurements are taken from the outer fabric (not including the cuffs).