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Customization possibilities

AJ Group, the company that produces all the items with Opalo or Plavitex fabric, has been very kind with all the customization requests that I have presented to them.

Most common successful customizations have been:

  • longer or shorter arms or legs

  • tighter or looser waist and chest circumferences

  • colour and fabric changes (see available fabrics here)

  • pockets to items that usually don't have them

    • side leg pockets to the Extreme Drainage Coverall

    • huge front pocket to the Extreme Smock

  • velcro tightening to the leg ends​

  • removal of hoods, reflectors or simplifying arm or leg ends

  • making a suit inside-out

Cost of these kinds of customizations is 30-70 euros depending on the suit.

Polar fleece is now available on all jackets and pants for 35 euros a piece.

If you are interested in a customized product that I don't have on display, send me an email or use the contact form.

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