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Everything going normally

I haven't posted anything for a while so I decided to write something to let you know that everything is still going normally :)

I did get myself an inside-out drainage coverall a while ago and I love it:

I chose a lighter and smoother matte 350 g material so it feels extra awesome when it is inside some heavier gear.

I also accidentally copy-pasted one row incorrectly to an order to the factory and accidentally got a size XS/48 Sealskin smock. Here is a few photos of it:

These jackets are the most expensive things the factory has at 180€. If you are interested in these, drop me an email. They also have matching pants for them, but here I'm just wearing my colourful chest waders :)

When there was still snow on the ground, I also took a few photos outdoors:

I have a few of those in stock right now if you're interested for a special price ;)

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