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Extra pockets to smocks

I had one customer who wanted extra pockets on his jackets. He had gotten them once before and we all assumed they would make them exactly as the last time. Well, this time they came out a little bit different.

These are rather nice as you can see :)

Here is a yellow smock with some extra length and pockets:

Here is a 1000g black Long Smock that I received:

The pockets are handy this way if you want to relax in the jackets or whatever :)

Well, the not so good thing with these pockets is that they are not really good for workers who would like to keep items inside them. The previous design for these looked like this:

You can have either of these pockets too!

If you are interested in adding either design to your your custom jacket, it is just 20 euros extra. Just put whatever jacket to the shopping cart, do the regular check out and then write down in the custom field which type of design you want. I'll then come back with the customization fee invoice.

These two jackets might still be available for purchase. Go check out the in-stock jackets page.

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