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Extreme Duvet Covers Available

I wasn't really expecting the factory to do the duvet covers anymore, but they luckily positively surprised me!

The duvet covers is a big bag where you can insert your duvet inside. Then just zipper up one side and it's ready to use! It can also be used as a weigh blanket since this 700 grams per square meter Opalo duvet cover weighs 4,5 kilograms! I can only imagine what the 1000 gram version feels like.

Now the whole bedding set is available in the shiny Opalo fabric.

Coveralls without hood

One customization option that I have come across since my last blog post is that you can get the coveralls without hoods as well. This applies to both the Extreme Coverall and Extreme Drainage Coverall. Just write in the custom field if you want yours without a hood.

Here is a photo of the Extreme Coverall without a hood. It has a velcro fastening in it.

I don't know how the Drainage Coverall will look but if anybody ever buys one of those, I'll post a picture here of it as well :)

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