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New: Polar fleece, Opalo bed lining, inside-out drainage coverall

I many times get requests from customers about things they'd like on their gear. On this blog post I tell you about a few things that did go through.

Crotch zipper not available

The most common request is a crotch zipper to the drainage coveralls. Unfortunately this is something that the factory is reluctant to make. I guess they just don't use short zippers anywhere, so getting them on any suit is thus impossible. (Or they are reluctant with other undisclosed reason.)

Unlined gear not possible, but inside-out might work out

The second most requested modification is two-sided raingear. This was before also a strict no no. At one time in the past they were sort of getting such a two-sided fabric, but something happened and it didn't materialize into products.

One customers of mine asked whether the factory would be able to make a Drainage Coverall inside out so that the shiny surface would point inwards. The zipper would also be needed to turn back on the new outside. I was a little hesitant on asking this from the factory, but they, to my surprise, answered that they can try making such a suit! If they are unable to do it, they'll let me know.

I'll keep you posted on this.

Polar fleece available!

Today I received a set of waist trousers and a jacket with polar fleece lining!

The outside is 500g green Opalo and the inside is super nice and soft polar fleece. I bet the customer will be super happy wearing these :) The customer also requested pockets that can be closed with a zipper and have a flap over them with snap buttons: that complicated request was also manufactured!

Polar fleece costs 35 extra per item. These closable pockets were 10 euros extra. If you'd like these on your items, just order the regular items and write in the custom field that you'd like them with extras. I'll then send you a customization invoice afterwards.

Mattress cover and pillowcase in Opalo!

This is also super exciting! A customer requested a mattress cover in Opalo with matching pillow cases and the factory said yes!

Mattress cover with all sides except bottom in Opalo costs 90 euros. This type you can just drop over your current bed and it will just work. There is also a version with all sides in Opalo plus one side with a zipper that costs 130 euros.

I don't know the exact price for the pillow cases yet or what they will look like. Interesting to see what they come up with.

I will get back on these with photos in about two months from now when the first ones arrive. I ordered myself ones too :)

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