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Red 1000g Chest Waders and paying in instalments

Red Chest Waders in 1000g Opalo

I received one pair of chest waders in the new red 1000g Opalo fabric. These look cool, right?

I will do proper photos later on with the friend of mine whose boots these are. The boot size 44 is rather big for me - I don't want to trip outdoors :)

Paying in monthly instalments is now available through Klarna

Just a little upgrade to the available checkout options: I added Klarna payments which means paying an invoice is now possible in monthly payments.

To do this, click Checkout in your shopping cart, enter your shipping details and delivery method, then at step 3 Payment choose Klarna, then click Continue.

After clicking Continue, click Place Order which will open Klarna. Here is a 534 euros worth of Extreme Fisherman Jackets which would be delivered in Germany:

Total to pay for the 534 euros seems to be 552,77 euros in this example. The price of this payment method seems to vary between countries and some countries might not be even available. If you think you get a good deal, you are welcome to use this. If you get a lousy deal, just click Go back and use PayPal or a Credit Card.

Please keep in mind that the manufacturing of the goods still takes that couple of months.

I do prefer the regular Credit Card payment option if you don't have a preference :)

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