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Waiting for Black Friday items

Updated: Apr 1, 2023


I'm currently waiting for the items ordered from Black Friday to arrive. I'm expecting them to finish in 1-3 weeks. It seems three months is the current delay for huge orders. I'm expecting orders from January onwards to come in the regular 1,5-2 months since the first half of the year is always slower than others.

It will most likely take a little longer for me to sort everything out from the Black Friday boxes, but you will receive tracking numbers when I'm shipping.

Update 17.2.2023: I've received an update that the items should be ready in Poland. I'm now waiting for a packing list and shipment.

Update 1.3.2023: The pallet has left Poland. I'm awaiting for delivery. As of today, March 1st, it is still on its way. It might be possible that the Finnish Transport Workers' Union strike at our ports might have something to do with this being delayed.

Update 7.3.2023: The pallet is moving again. I received information, that it will be delivered on Friday 10.3.2023.

Update 10.3.2023: It did not arrive :( It will maybe arrive on Monday or Tuesday 14.3 at the latest. I hate this, I had cleared this weekend for unpacking this pallet and getting things finally moving.

Update 16.3.2023: They finally arrived!

Here's a photo where I've gone already through roughly half :)

Here is one nice custom jacket that one customer bought:

It's white smooth matte Plavitex-fabric jacket with the Extreme Smock as the basis. It has some extra reflectors added and a pocket in the chest. These kinds of material changes and small additions are usually possible.

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