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Updated: Jun 22, 2022


I'm starting a blog! On this blog I write things related to such as

  • status of orders

  • news about business

  • information about items and customizations

  • and all other miscellaneous things related to rainwear in general

Current status of orders

Two weeks ago I received and shipped items from 2022-mid-March order.

Currently all the items in the 2022-April-1 (orders placed from mid-March to the beginning of April) are ready and are on their journey towards Finland. I should have them in the first week of June. I will then pack and send them towards you right away. You should have them about a week after that.

Currently it seems that the time between placing the order and the customer receiving their gear is a little bit above two months. The average has been like this always, but every now and then it slips to three months. I wish I knew more on the way the factory in Poland operates, but I guess it just is a long pipeline with so many steps along the way.

Currently waiting on

The major thing currently is that I'm waiting for the Awesome Two-Color coveralls to arrive. I have a high confidence in this product and will have all sizes from XS to 4XL in stock... Except one of the samples I received before broke down! The way the seams are done on these coveralls don't hold on rough usage. I'm glad it was me who broke them and not you :D The factory will try another type of welding on the next samples. I'm still confident in the process since the welds used in other gear, for instance the Extreme Coveralls and Acid Suits, have never failed! Sorry for the delay on these.

Update 22.6.2022: fixed. Proper seams now :)

Price increases

Some of you may have noticed that the prices of my items have increased. This was sadly unfortunate since the factory had to increase prices due to fabric price increases at their end. Plus at my end all the mail courier services increased their prices. And accounting cost more than I anticipated.

These price increases seem to be going all around us everywhere :(

Also in addition to the regular price increases by the shipping couriers, I also had to increase shipping rates a bit since the cheapest option I've used this far, Posti Parcel Connect, seems to be totally unreliable. It is just awful to see that almost every time I ship something in a batch, one of the packages gets in a limbo where it just travels between Finland and destination three-four times (about a month total) before getting returned to me. Shame on you DHL in Germany for marking the parcels undeliverable and returned even if there was nothing wrong with the shipping label! From now on I will use UPS and GLS to send parcels since those send the customer or me an email if there is an obstacle in the delivery and the delivery can be adjusted along the way.

Have a nice summer

Summer has basically arrived here in Finland. Average temperature now is about +13 Celsius :D I'm ready for hotter weather - I just got A/C installed in my living room \o/

Please remember, that now is the perfect time to get rainwear for upcoming fall. It will take that 2-3 months for items to get ready. There are lots of interesting options to choose from :)

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