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This is a coverall made of shiny Opalo fabric.


  • Looks awesome!
  • Very shiny!
  • Cleans easily!


Heavy duty coverall that has it's zipper in the front. The model for this suit is the 104K. The zipper is not watertight so this suit is suitable for wading only up till your waist height. Will keep you dry in other situations though :)


Have a look at this dedicated info page about all the properties of an Extreme Coverall.


The Opalo thickness and colour can also be varied when choosing the colour.


The gloves are either blue (sizes 9-11) or dark green (size 10).


The storm flap that is located on top of the front zipper can be fastened either with buttons or with Velcro. If you go for the extra heavy 1000g version of the coverall, I would suggest you go with velcro fastening.


The regular dark olive boots are very tight on the calves (up from ankle). If your body type is bit on the heavier side, you might consider changing to other colours. On the pictures are the regular boots.


Extreme Coverall

SKU: 104KOpalo
150,00 €Price
  • A customer who is 168 cm and 64 kg ordered a suit in size 48 and is happy with it. He says that the suit could also fit a tad longer person and that there is space inside the suit for example for some warm outdoor gear. He says the suit is just perfect for him and not too baggy.


    The store owner in the photo has a size 50 suit on him. He is 171 cm tall and 73 kg and loves it. Size 50 is just perfect if you like it a bit loose.

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