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Extreme Duvet Cover is a great addition to the Opalo bedding set. You can insert your duvet inside this bag and close it with a zipper. Then just crawl under and have a nice sleep :)


A duvet cover of 150 cm x 210 cm made of 700g Opalo weighs 4,5 kilograms and I believe a 1000g variant will weigh 6,5 kg! These are rather heavy (which is good or bad depending how you like it) :)


The Opalo fabric used here is

  • very shiny
  • super sturdy
  • easy to keep clean


Available in all colours and weights.


You may choose from the predefined standard sizes or choose your own. 


Warning: Do not mix black colour with any other colour! The black will stain the other colours.

Extreme Duvet Cover

SKU: DuvetCover
140,00 €Price
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