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These are the gloves that can be attached to the coveralls. They are now available as a separate purchase as well.


The blue gloves have three sizes 9/L, 10/XL and 11/2XL. The green gloves have just one big size 10/XL. Size guide for these can be downloaded here.


The blue glvoes say they are Showa Chemrest 660. Their website with additional information is here.


The green gloves say they are Cerva Petrel. Their website with additional information can be found here.



Extreme Gloves

SKU: Gloves
10,00 €Price
  • The gloves are Showa 660. The green gloves are Cerva Petrel.

    To get the right size, measure the circumference of your palm and choose glove size accordingly:

    • Glove size 9: 220 mm
    • Glove size 10: 254 mm
    • Glove size 11: 279 mm


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