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Here is great a poncho made with the very strong, durable and shiny Opalo material.


You can decide whether you want to have arm holes with these like a regular poncho or without arm holes. Option to have it without any buttons in the front (like a smock) has also been requested. I'll see what I can do :)


With the black colour, you may also decide which thickness you want, the 700 g/m2 being the standards. Dark olive green and black is also available in 1000g super thick fabric.

A poncho of size 54 is about 115 cm tall (from shoulders to hem), the shoulder to shoulder length is about 70 cm and the hem is about 115 cm wide.


The poncho is regularly so tall that it reaches a little bit below knees. You can also request extra length to make it longer. Added length is about 40 cm. The blue poncho in the pictures is standard length and the red one is the longer one.

Extreme Poncho

SKU: 105Opalo
Body size
Arm holes