Heavy duty drainage coverall that has it's zipper in the back made with shiny Opalo fabric. The model for this item is the 304K drainage coverall.


Have a look at this dedicated info page about the Extreme Drainage Coverall and this YouTube video.


The material thickness can be chosen when selecting the colour. Gloves can be either blue (size 9-11) or dark green (size 10).


Please observe, that the zipper is not watertight, but there is a storm flap welded above the zipper, so the suit will be ok to wear under heavy rain. See pictures of the black suit.


The size on this one is very generous. You can easily wear work clothes underneath and still be able to move freely. Always choose at least one size smaller than usual. Two sizes smaller should also be alright. Observe the height on this one.


Please have a look here for some customer feedback regarding the sizes.


The person in the photos is 171 cm tall and is wearing the size XS/48 and you can clearly tell that it has extra space in it. But then again, it feels very nice when it's this spacious :)


The chest and the waist is 10 cm wider (20 cm more in circumreference) than the Extreme Coverall and this also has a couple of cm extra in the height.


    Extreme Drainage Coverall with optional boots and gloves

    SKU: 304KOpalo
    140,00 €Price
    • To get a feeling on what size of boots you should choose, here is length of soles in centimeters:

      • size 40: 26 cm
      • size 41: 26,5 cm
      • size 42: 27 cm
      • size 43: 27,5 cm
      • size 44: 28 cm
      • size 45: 28,5 cm
      • size 46: 29 cm
      • size 47: 29,5 cm
      • size 48: 30,0 cm


      Red chemical boots are available up to 46. Black boots boots with red soles are available up to size 47. Safety boots are available up to size 48.

    • The gloves used in the suits are from Showa. Their glove size guide can be found here.


      To get the right size, measure the circumreference of your palm and choose glove size accordingly:

      • Glove size 9: 220 mm
      • Glove size 10: 254 mm
      • Glove size 11: 279 mm