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The Extreme Jackets and smocks are made of the very resistant fabric called Opalo and come in 700 and 1000g gram/m2 material weights.


Now you can also decide for yourself which colours you want as the main colour and which as the second colour! Please note that the jacket doesn't have too much of the second colour visible. The smock has its bottom front in the second colour.


All the seams are double stitched and welded together so you will absolutely not get wet nor will the seams tear. The fabric of these pants is shiny on the outside which makes it very easy to keep them clean - just splash the dirt off with water.


Warning: the black colour will stain adjacent colours if placed in contact for a long period of time. Store appropriately or choose any other colour than black.


Manufacturers product page

Extreme Jacket or Smock

SKU: 3144Jacket3044Smock
125,00 €Price
Main colour
Second colour
  • This professional gear is a tad larger than the basic gear. The store owner is 171 cm tall and weighs 72 kg's and thinks the size 48 is just perfect for him. 

    Another customer who is 186 cm tall, has chest 105 cm and waist 95 cm, ordered the size 52 jacket and is happy with that. If you want to wear some warm jackets underneath, go with 54.

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